Developer Information

Drainage Design Manual
Consutling firms and Developers can download the City Drainage Design Manual by clicking on the link above. The manual is large and may take several minutes to download.

Construction Site Erosion And Sediment Control Best Management Practices Manual:
This manual describes the general guidelines for meeting Best Management Practices (BMP) for controlling erosion and sediment from construction sites. The manual also has standard drawings that can be used by the engineer that will design the erosion control plan. In addition, the manual also includes the standard specification and gives a template for designer and developers to follow when submitting their Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Outline & Forms
Applicants can download the SWPPP Template and Construction BMP Manual Forms. These forms are tn word format and can be modified for submittal to KDHE and the City Of Dodge City.

Post construction Storm Water Best Management Practices
This manual focuses on providing structural BMP definition, design guidance, implementation guidelines, and inspection and maintenance practices, as well as non-structural BMP recommended guidelines.