Residential Pavement Management

Pavement Condition Survey

In 2017 the City went out for proposals to have a pavement condition survey completed on its 93 centerline miles of asphalt streets. Out of the seven proposals, the City selected Transmap to complete the survey. Transmap used a mobile mapping vehicle equipped with high-speed cameras, laser line projectors, and LiDAR to complete this task. This information was used to generate high-resolution 3D profiles of the roadways. Then the asphalt street network data was analyzed to provide a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) score for every segment of asphalt street in the City. PCI is a score ranging from 0-100 with a 100 rating equating to a brand new street that is smooth and has zero distresses. The results of this survey can be seen in the PCI map linked below. Overall, the asphalt streets in Dodge City had a weighted average PCI of 69.99, which is at the upper end of the range for a rating of “Fair.”

            The PCI scores are used as a tool to prioritize the type and location of street maintenance to be completed. The City’s goal is to increase the overall PCI score of the asphalt street network every year. Approximately $1M has been budgeted and spent on the asphalt streets each year since the survey was completed. The City plans to have the asphalt street network analyzed again in 2021 to develop a model of the service life for every asphalt street. This second condition survey will help evaluate the following in regards to funding for asphalt street projects:

  • Funding is sufficient, and the overall street network condition is improving.
  • Funding is sufficient, but alternative pavement management methods should be explored.
  • Additional funding is required to maintain the condition of the street network.

2017 Asphalt Street - PCI Map