Soccer Field Use Request Form

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Field Request Process: The Soccer Field Use Request form is required to be submitted every Wednesday prior to every soccer tournament/event.

Requirements: The approval Department must consider the appropriateness of the event and the impact to the surrounding residential housing, campus community, neighborhoods and general public. All groups, at all times, are required to abide by all City, State, and Federal regulations and policies.

In addition:

1. No preparation or consumption of food or drinks (except water) is allowed on the field.

2. Groups are responsible for the behavior of their members and guests.

3. All groups are responsible for leaving the field in good condition. This includes cleaning and custodial care of general litter pickup, bleachers and the immediate areas around the field or fields used by the requestor.

4. Open flame or flammable liquid of any kind is not allowed on or around the field.

5. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at all times.

6. No field alterations (including adding line markings to the field) without prior approval.

7. Animals/pets (dogs, etc.) are not allowed on the field at any time.

8. No unauthorized use of athletic equipment.

* indicates required fields.