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The Dodge City commission is made up of five elected Dodge City residents. The commissioners serve four or two-year terms, depending on the amount of votes they receive in the elections. The mayor and vice-mayor are selected annually by the current commissioners. Due to the State Legislature's passage of new election laws in 2015, the Commission approved Charter Ordinance No. 39 removing the local laws establishing elections in April of even numbered years. Per Kansas state laws, elections will be in November of odd numbered years. Additional action will be taken to extend the terms of the current Commissioners' terms to January 2018 and January 2020.

E. Kent Smoll, Mayor

E. Kent Smoll was reelected to the City Commission in April 2014 to a two-year term. His new term will expire January 2022. Kent is the managing partner of Smoll & Banning, CPA's, LLC. He and his wife Dee have two grown daughters, Jennifer and Katie.
He can be reached at: Ph: (620) 227-7309
His email address is:
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Jan Scoggins, Vice Mayor

Jan Scoggins was elected to the City Comnmission in April 2014 to a four-year term.  Her new term will expire January 2020.  Jan is a third generation Dodge Citian and attended Central Elementary School, Junior High, and Senior High School in Dodge City.  Jan serves as the State of Kansas Region V (five) Long-term Care Ombudsman which encompasses all of Southwest Kansas.  Jan has two adult sons and two granddaughters.   
She can be reached at: Ph.: (620) 225-5444
Her email addresses are:;

Brian Delzeit, Commissioner

Brian Delzeit was elected in April 2012 to a four-year term. His new term will expire January 2022.  Brian is employed at Coldwell Banker Hancocks. He and his wife, Margie have two adult children, Nikki and Kaelee.
He can be reached at: Ph.: (620) 225-7720
His email address is:

Rick Sowers, Commissioner

Rick Sowers was reelected in April 2014 to a four-year term. His new term will expire  January 2020.  Rick is employed at The Sound Shop, Inc. Rick and his wife, Angela, have a daughter Bri and a son Mitchell.
He can be reached at: Ph: (620) 338-6707
His email address is:

Joyce Warshaw, Commissioner

Joyce Warshaw was selected by the City Commission to fill the four-year term vacated by Michael Weece beginning Sept. 2012.   Her new term will expire January 2022.  Joyce is the principal of Miller Elementary School and has worked for the school district 27 years.  Joyce and her husband, Bill, have four grown children: Brooke, Eric & Sunshine Vanderboom and Ted Warshaw.
She can be reached at: Ph: (720) 272-1148. 
Her email address is:
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