Rates and Fees

Utility Utility Rates - Effective First Billing in April, 2023
$2.64/Thousand gallon $9.84 Base Fee
$2.67/Thousand $19.78 Base Fee
     Average City Residential -6,195 gallons per month
     Average Commercial Business - 23,799 gallons per month

     Multi Family
     Additional Kart
     Grass Karts
$3.21/Grass kart
Storm Drainage
Note: Sewer rates are calculated each year in March and effective on April billing using the Winter Quarter Average method using the average of December, January and February water usage
Service During Business Hours
After Business Hours
New Service
Delinquency Fee
Shutoff for Repair
Note: The $40 delinquency fee is automatically posted to account no earlier than 5:00 pm on the reminder due date.