Curb side pickup

Sanitation Division

 Poly Kart Curb Side Collection
  • Trash needs to be bagged & tied then placed inside the polykart.
  • The kart is to be rolled out to the curb side by 7:00am on collection day and rolled back to the house the same day of service.
  • The kart needs to set 3-5 feet away from any stationary object in or around your property.
  • NO trash containers (no barrels, no small trash cans, etc.) other than the City of Dodge City assigned polykarts are allowed to be serviced. Any other containers set out may be disposed of.
  • Animal waste must be bagged securely.
  • Individual owners are in charge of keeping their kart clean. The polykart is not to be used for rocks, hot coals or ashes, heavy building materials, tree limbs, volatile liquids, gas, oil, sod, paint or dirt.
  • One (1) kart will be furnished to each eligible resident at an established monthly fee. There will be an additional sanitation charge per month for each kart if more than one (1) is required.
  • Charges may be applied if the kart is lost of missing.