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Utilities Turn On Request

  1. This is where service is desired. Include apartment #, etc. if applicable.
  2. Put date you want services installed by.
  3. We will call you at this number to confirm the service.
  4. First/Last name
  5. Please note:
    *After Utility Billing receives a request submitted via the website for new services, City Staff will call the customer to request some additional information and make the appointment to turn services on. If you do not receive this call, then the order will not be completed. *The $26 service fee for turn ons will be added to the first bill. *This form is for use at locations that have had services in the past. If you desire service for newly constructed buildings, please call or come by the office. *This form will activate standard City services including water, sanitation, and storm drainage. *All fields are required.
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