Street Bricks For Sale


Grab the bull by the horns!

Share in the Legend of Dodge City!

Back by popular demand, The City of Dodge City is again selling used street pavers to area citizens and businesses. The brick selling program was popular over the last several years-and many area individuals were able to obtain historic street bricks for their beautification projects.  The City is renewing the program again this year.

The bricks are now assembled into pallets and wrapped making it much easier to pick them up and use them in projects. These bricks are work horses. Their durability has already been proven and the bricks are perfect to add a piece of Dodge City into your projects.

These bricks were reclaimed from prior street projects-and we think that these bricks could get a second life in the community as a part of your garden or patio project!

The pavers could be one of several sizes but most are around 4" x 2 3/4" x 8 1/2" . They have a unique weathered appearance from their years of service in our community. These are heavy duty pavers designed to handle automobile traffic. These bricks tell a story and in an our current age of plastic and aluminum they are a reminder of another time and place.

  • Beautify your property with lasting pavers.
  • Get a piece of Old Dodge City.
  • Go green! These bricks can be put back into service.

In the event of sustained rain or inclement weather, Brick Pick Ups could be cancelled and individuals can get bricks at a later day. Please call City Hall at 620 225 8100 to check the status.

Brick Sale Information (Updated 2020 07)

Where: The bricks are currently being stored at the Public Works Complex at 111 Water St.). The bricks have been made into wrapped pallets of 330.

How much: We prefer to sell the pavers by the pallet (of 330 each) for $117 a pallet. If quantities are desired other than a pallet, the bricks are being sold for .50 each.  You must bring a trailer to pick up your pallet(s) and City Staff will be onsite to load them. Unloading the bricks will be the responsibility of the new owner. Bricks must be paid for in advance before you load (see below).

When: The City will have "Brick Days" (designated days and times)  that we are scheduling out for pick up of the pallets.. See the schedule below. If you want larger quantities (such as quantities in excess of ten pallets), please contact Ryan Reid 620-225-8100 for more information and to discuss scheduling.

Brick Days Schedule

June, July, August, and September 2020
Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Future brick days may be scheduled through Summer and Fall but prices and availability may change. Details on such changes will be posted on this website.

Who Loads?: Customer must bring a trailer for pallets. Each pallet will weigh around 3000 pounds so be sure to keep that in mind. Staff will load pallets on the Customer's trailer.

How to get them:
1. Come to City Hall at 806 N. Second Avenue and speak to the Utility Billing counter to purchase and get a receipt prior to the Brick Days.
2. Go the Public Works Complex at one of the Brick Days at the times listed. You must present your receipt to the staff member onsite in order to load your bricks.
3. City Staff will load pallets on your trailer.

Please remember local laws and ordinances concerning brick placement will apply to the use of these bricks. For example, in the City of Dodge City, bricks cannot be used for public sidewalks or driveway approaches in the right of way. If you have questions on the use of these bricks, please contact City Hall at 225-8100.