Digital Dodge City

Digital Dodge City Dodge City Public Library, City of Dodge City, and Dodge City Community College are involved in a joint city wide project to promote digital inclusion in Dodge City. As just stated, this is a city project that involves these three entities plus many stakeholders from various sectors throughout the city.

This page contains information and links that describe what the project is. If you would like to become involved please contact a member of the coordinating team:
Cathy Reeves, Dodge City Public Library
Jane Longmeyer, City of Dodge City
Greta Clark, Dodge City Community College
Emily Sitz, Southwest Kansas Library System

Thanks to the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Digital Dodge City project was one of four communities selected to take part in the Local Technology Planning Pilot project as part of the Kansas Statewide Broadband Initiative (KSBI). This project will include consultants, local partners and Commerce working together to understand broadband needs and priorities, and develop strategic plans to meet their objectives.

The cities and counties participating in the Local Technology Planning Pilot will work to improve their organizational capacity and establish a technology planning direction. This will be accomplished by documenting and quantifying local supply, demand and economic impact. Modeling will show the network cost to serve, demand and revenue, unique local factors and future projections. The strategy reports developed in each pilot project will incorporate analytical findings, best practices and next steps that local stakeholders recommend.
The KSBI is funded through a federal grant from the NTIA. Additional broadband resources and research are available at

Background information:

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, two out of 10 (1 in 5) Americans do not use the internet. Four out of 10 do not have home broadband service. Online interactions have become a daily necessity of individuals and organizations in regards to economic and workforce development, civic participation, education, healthcare, and public safety.

At the most basic level, the solutions to these issues are clear. People need more home internet access, more public internet access, more tech support (trainings and one on one) to help people participate in today’s digital world. Federal and national involvement is crucial, but ultimately, the solutions are local. This is a community problem that requires a community solution. Cathy Reeves, director of the Dodge City Public Library, Jane Longmeyer, Public Relations manager at City of Dodge City and Greta Clark, professor and director of Multicultural Education at Dodge City Community College are leading the building of a community-wide coalition to define Dodge City’s current and future needs and resources to ensure community members have access to and understanding of how to use information technology.

Following a Digital Inclusion Summit in the summer of 2012, the process began with meetings being held on April 24 and 25 (participants choose one of four meeting times) at the Dodge City Public Library. Representatives of local government, public agencies, business (including broadband service providers), community-based organizations (serving populations least likely to be internet users) and individuals utilizing free broadband access or training or anyone interested in a digitally inclusive Dodge City attended the meeting and/or completed an online survey. This was then followed by a summit in which results from the survey and initial meetings were presented and plans to move forward were made.

Since this time a steering committee has been formed and working groups have been formed. These groups are working on a variety of topics from what free internet is available in Dodge City to looking at internet costs to how is the best method to inform individuals about the benefits of the internet and how to use it.

Dodge City Public Library, The City of Dodge City and the Dodge City Community College has been supported in this project by the University of Illinois Center for Digital Inclusion, Waymark Systems, OCLC, IMLS and the Kansas Department of Commerce
Special thanks to Angela Siefer for her advice and assistance with this project.

Links to more information

This is a link to the Digital Dodge City Slide Show

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