Dodge City Planning Commission

Dodge City Planning Commission

The Dodge City Planning Commission was created as per Ordinance No. 3551 on February 4, 2013, pursuant to legislative authority from KSA 12-741 et seq. and an interlocal planning and zoning agreement between Ford County, Dodge City, and other municipalities within Ford County approved by the City of Dodge City by Resolution No, 97-14. The Dodge City Planning Commission replaces the Zoning Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals and takes on their duties.

The duties include the preparation, administration, and enforcement of zoning and subdivision regulations for the city, and other duties as prescribed by the governing body. The board also grants relief from technical requirements of the zoning regulations.

The seven members meet as needed on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to conduct public hearings on changes to the zoning ordinance and plans for future growth of the community. Special meetings may be called as necessary. Members are appointed for 3 year terms.

Board Members

Name Term Expires
Length of Term
Kristina Crawford 1-31-2022 3 years
Tom Stanley 1-31-2022 3 years
Frank Rose 1-31-2022 3 years
Tom Taylor 1-31-2020 3 years
Bill Pennington 1-31-2020 3 years
Laura Mead 1-31-2021 3 years
Jim Lembright 1-31-2021 3 years
Staff Representative - Nathan Littrell N/A N/A