Cultural Relations Advisory Board

Cultural Relations Advisory Board

The purpose of the Cultural Relations Advisory Board is to advise the City Commission related to or affecting minority communities within Dodge City, to monitor the policies and practices of the City of Dodge City to issue fair and equitable application, and to act as a resource for intercultural awareness, education, and celebration among all people. Resolution No. 2010-19.


The Board shall:
  • Act in an advisory capacity and its function shall be to further amicable relations among the various segments of the population which comprise the City of Dodge City.
  • Help preserve and further the good name of the City for tolerance and fairness and to promote better relations among its people.
  • Help make it possible for each citizen to develop talents, abilities, and opportunities without limitations.
  • Advise the Governing Body on problems affecting human and intergroup relations.
  • Make studies, surveys, and investigations to provide accurate data for orderly and constructive community development and recommend such measures that are deemed necessary to carry out such recommendations.
  • Consult with and coordinate efforts among agencies, both public and private, such as local businesses, schools, law enforcement agencies, social welfare organizations, youth and senior groups, and other similar groups which function in the field of human relations.
  • Utilize the resources of individuals and groups towards the improvement of intergroup relations.
  • Enlist all potential community forces in an effort to make more secure and to extend democratic rights, opportunities and practices, and influence and encourage community support for educational programs and appropriate legislation designed to combat those misconceptions, prejudices, and untruths which tend to set group against group.
  • Work to reduce tensions created by ignorance and bigotry, and eliminate discriminatory practices arising from prejudice.

The Board shall consist of nine members who shall serve a 3 year term and may be allowed to succeed themselves. The Board meets monthly the second Friday, 11:00 a.m., at City Hall in the Commission Chambers.

Board Members

Name Term Expires
Length of Term
National Beef designee - Esmeralda Soto 1-31-2022 3 years
Genesis Health (Mexican American Ministries) designee - Elva Dominguez
1-31-2022 3 years
Ministerial Alliance designee- Debra Muylaert 1-31-2022 3 years
United Way designee - Mary Marquez 1-31-2020 3 years
At Large -Greta Clark 1-31-2020 3 years
At Large - Oliver Bland 1-31-2020 3 years
Cargill designee - Allen Edwards 1-31-2021 3 years
USD 443 designee  - Robert Vinton 1-31-2021 3 years
Chamber of Commerce designee - Marisa Vargas 1-31-2021 3 years
Staff Rep. ERnestor De La Rosa
Contact: 620-225-8100 or