Santa Fe Trails Community Advisory Board

Santa Fe Trails Community Corrections Advisory Board

The Santa Fe Trail Community Corrections Advisory Board consists of 12 or more members who shall be representative of law enforcement, prosecution, the judiciary, education, corrections, ethnic minorities, the social services and the general public. The City Commission appoints three members to this board and should be representative of the following: (a) parole officers; (b) public or private social services agencies; (c) ex-offenders; (d) health care professions; and (e) the general public.

Members of the Santa Fe Trail Community Corrections Advisory Board shall actively participate in the formulation of the comprehensive plan for the development, implementation and operation of correctional services including, but not limited to, restitution programs, victim services programs, preventive or diversionary correctional programs, community corrections centers and facilities for the detention or confinement, care or treatment of adults charged with or convicted of crime or of juveniles being detained or adjudged to be delinquent, miscreant or a juvenile offender. The comprehensive plan shall include the following when deemed appropriate:
a. a program for the detention, supervision and treatment of persons under pretrial detention or under commitment;
b. establishment of an intensive supervision program;
c. delivery of other correctional services defined in K.S.A. 75-5291 and amendments thereto; and
d. proposals for new facilities, programs and services, which proposals must include a statement of need, purposes and objections of the proposal and the administrative structure, staffing pattern, staff training financing, degree of community involvement and client participation which are planned for the proposal.

The City's appointees shall serve 2 year terms and may be allowed to succeed themselves.

Board Members

Name Term Expires
Length of Term
Jimmy Jones
2 years
Shannon McGee 01-31-2025 2 years
Orlando Villasenor 01-31-2025 2 years