Testing Process

About the Testing Process

To insure the continued prestige, pride and reputation of the Dodge City Police Department, each applicant is required to successfully complete each step of the selection process. Only those who possess the best mental, physical, moral, and emotional fitness for the performance of police duties will be considered.

Application Process

Hiring Process

Listed below are the steps an applicant must complete prior to being considered for employment as a Police Officer. No exceptions will be made for anyone not meeting all of the entry level qualifications.
  • Application
  • Preliminary Background Check.
  • Nationally Accredited Written Examination.
  • Oral Board Interview.
  • Extensive Background Investigation.
  • CVSA, Psychological, and Physical (includes drug screening) Examinations.
Following successful completion of these steps, an applicant may be placed on an eligibility list for 12 months. When employed an officer will be retained as a probationary employee for a period of 12 months.