Scholastic Crime Stoppers

About Scholastic Crime Stoppers

Dodge City Crime Stoppers is proud to sponsor scholastic Crime Stoppers programs in the Dodge City High School, the Dodge City Middle School, and Sacred Heart Parochial School. The scholastic program is the school version of our community Crime Stoppers Program. Started in 1983, by Officer Larry Wieda, the Scholastic Crime Stoppers Program first proved its success with Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado.


The Scholastic Program is specifically designed for students to help police their own schools. The concept is much the same as the community program, only that the program is designed for school related crime and gives students an opportunity to help make their schools safe. The students provide information to school administrators about crime and in return receive a cash reward if that information results in helping to solve the crime and identify the suspect.

Monetary Rewards

The monetary rewards are less than those given in the community program but it has been shown that only about 6% of those eligible for rewards, ever collect them. The Scholastic Program in turn helps to promote school spirit, pride, and responsibility and allows students to take action against victimization and crime.