Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Division

The Wastewater Treatment Division is operated by Operations Management International, Inc. (OMI), a private contractor. This relieves the city of the burden of the waste treatment operation and makes available, if needed, experts in the many facets of wastewater treatment.
  • The City’s wastewater is pumped 12 miles south of town.
  • The wastewater is pumped through 3-15 inch lines and 1-20 inch line.
  • The water is treated through the use of a covered 3-anerobic cell, 3-aerobic cell and 4-holding ponds.
  • The treated wastewater is land applied to 2500-2800 acres of farm ground.
  • The plant has won numerous awards from KDHE & EPA


In 2000, our Dodge City, Kansas project won the Operations and Maintenance Excellence category for a large non-discharging facility.

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