Baseball and Softball Classification Guide

Legends Ballpark is sanctioned with USSSA for both baseball and softball tournaments. Below is the classification levels for USSSA for both baseball and softball and our reasoning why we chose that level:


(State Directors determine your actual classification so please contact the state director to get your classification)

USSSA has four different classifications available for tournaments:

Major Division - Teams made up of select players and are formed by age only.

AAA Division - Team that play several tournaments and are formed by age only.

AA Division - Teams that have restricted rosters, drafted players, or play at the recreational level.

A Division - Recreational League teams only. 

Why Legends Ballpark chose the AA level: 

Going through the teams that have come here in the past 3 years and based off the HAP Dumont System we are leaving, we noticed that teams that come here are more based off the AA or A level compared to AAA or Major division. Legends Ballpark also wants to give the best tournaments available in Western Kansas so we focus on making sure our tournaments are stacked with good talent from the AA/A division levels. Finally, chosing to run AA tournaments, A level teams are still welcome to join the tournaments but we eliminate the AAA or Major division teams from our tournaments. 


(The State Director decides your classification as well as being able to move your team up a division)

USSSA has different classifications for softball teams: 

USA Elite - This is the most elite teams that play in USSSA.

A - This is for highly competitive travel ball teams with players aspiring to play in top colleges. 

B - This is for teams that are looking for good competition but not at the highest level USSSA offers. 

C - This is for teams that are looking to play some competitive level teams and want to be introduced to tournament style play. State Directors are the only one's that can put your team in this age division. 

Open - THIS IS WHAT LEGENDS BALLPARK IS. Open allows any team from any age division to come play in the tournament. Legends Ballpark mainly receives C level teams in the tournaments but there was an A level team that played in a tournament last year. 

Why Legends Ballpark chose Open division for tournaments:

Legends Ballpark over the past years has ran USSSA softball events exclusively and 90% or so of the teams that enroll in the tournaments are C level teams. There have been some higher level teams play in tournaments but those teams haven't beaten the C level teams terribly when they play each other. Legends Ballpark feel it's the most fair option that USSSA offers.