Baseball Tournament Rules

1. NO METAL CLEATS OR SUNFLOWERS SEEDS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE TURF. If the umpire or tournament director notices a player or coach disregarding this rule, that person will be thrown out of the game. 


2. If the team does not have an updated roster on USSSA before the game starts, the game will not start until the Tournament Director has one in hand. 


3. If there is a dispute about an ineligible player, the TD/UIC/Umpires will refer back to the roster that is online. 



8U: 200'

9U: 225' 

10U - 13U: 300' (Permanent fence on the field) 




4. Legends Ballpark will provide scorekeepers for each game. If Legends Ballpark is unable to provide scorekeepers at any point throughout the tournament, the home team will be doing the official book for the game. (Legends will notify coaches in the pre-game meeting so the book can be designated.)

5. During pool play games, a coin flip will designate the home and away team. 

6. Time limit will be 85 minutes or 6 innings, whichever comes first. (POOL PLAY ONLY, no new inning will start under 5 minutes.)

7. Be prepared to start the game up to 20 minutes ahead of scheduled game time. (This is if we are running ahead of schedule). 

8. During pool play, games can end in a tie. 

7. In bracket play, we will play ITB rules if there is a tie. (ITB rules indicate the last out will start on second base until a winner is decided.) 

9. Run Rule (6 inning game): 20 after 2, 8 after 4.  

10.   Courtesy runners are allowed for the catcher/pitcher at any point. 

11. Teams may bat the entire lineup 

12. If a player is ineligible and plays in the game for one pitch, that game will stop automatically and the offending team will promptly be given a loss and be put in last place. If a player is found to be ineligible during bracket play, that team will automatically be eliminated and reported to USSSA for further sanctions. 

13. Guest players must be reported to the Tournament Director and to USSSA to be cleared. If the guest player is not cleared before the game, that player is not allowed to play in the game. If the player plays anyways, refer to #11. 


14. PITCHING: RULE 7.05.B.1 - 8MP THROUGH 12U - (ONE DAY MAXIMUM TO PITCH THE NEXT DAY) - a player may pitch a maximum of 6 innings in one day but must rest for one day to pitch again.  13 cont.: If a pitcher pitches during an inning, please follow below:

 0 outs is not considered pitching at all

1 outs is considered 1/3 of an inning

2 outs is considered 2/3 of an inning

3 outs is considered a full inning


14 cont.: If a team wishes to challenge a pitching violation, they must notify the umpire and then file a protest with the tournament director. If the pitcher is found in violation, the game is automatically over and will be eliminated from the tournament. 


15. Bats: (7.01.C)

Any bat for age divisions 14u and under must be stamped with the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Mark or stamped BBCOR.50 certified mark or made of wood and manufactured by a licensed USSSA manufacture. 

1st offense: (7.01.C Penalty)  The umpire will warn the player and team that the bat is illegal and cannot be used during games. If the bat is found to be illegal after the ball is put into play, the team in the field has the choice to use the result of the play or the batter being called out and the runners being returned to their base. 

2nd offense: If the umpire finds that the bat is used again after the first offense has happened, the manager will be ejected and the first offense will be re-used. 


16. Uniforms: (7.01.E)

The decisions on uniforms is up to the director and cannot be used in protest. Violation of the uniform rule that the tournament director decides is being allowed to change or removal from the game.