Facility information

Field Dimensions - 

1. Field size is based on USSSA regulations for both baseball & softball. (Please refer to the separate baseball and softball rule pages for field dimension size). 

Pets are allowed in Legends Ballpark but owners must follow the rules below:

1. Dogs/Cats/Other Animals must be leashed at all times while inside. If the pet is not leashed, the owner will be asked to put their animal back on the leash. 

2. Please keep the animals on the grass, not concrete walkways. 

3. If the animal does go #2, please use a bag and throw away in the trash. 

4. If the animal is out of control or the tournament director deems necessary, the owner may have to remove the pet from the ballpark. 

5. If the weather is hot, the park will provide water for the animal from the sink in the concessions. 

6. If an animal bites or hurts another patron, the owner assumes fault and the ballpark is not at fault in the incident. 

7. Please be considerate of others with your pet. 


1. Only members of the team and coaches will be permitted to be in the dugout during games. 

2. Coaches must be wearing provided bands in the dugout or they will not be allowed on the field during a game. 

3. Misters are provided in each dugout and teams are allowed to turn them on. To turn them on, there is a handle that you turn and the misters turn on. Please turn them off after your game is over. If you need help locating or turning them on, please find the tournament director and he will help you out. 


1. For any age, metal cleats are NOT ALLOWED on the turf at Legends Ballpark. Umpires and the tournament director are allowed to remove players from the game. Turf shoes, tennis shoes or molded cleats are allowed during play. 

Workers at Legends Ballpark:

1. For each field, Legends Ballpark will do our best to provide scorekeepers for all 4 fields throughout the tournament. Each scorekeeper will run the scoreboard along with keeping a book for the game. The scorekeeper at each field will be the book that the umpires will go off of if there is a question. 

2. There will be at least two workers at the ticket gate. Those workers will put bands on coaches before their teams first game. 

3. Either one of the gate workers or the tournament director will drive the golf cart around in case someone needs a ride to or from a field to their car. 


Inclement Weather: 

1. Please refer to the weather rules page for questions. 

Does it cost money to come into Legends Ballpark?

1. Coaches and players are free to enter and exit as long as coaches have a band on. 

2. For anyone else, it will cost money to get into the ballpark. 

- 5 and under: Free

- Ages 6 to 17: $4

- Ages 18 to 60: $6

- Ages 61+: Free

- We are looking into tournament bands for the whole weekend and what the right cost is. If we do offer bands, we will let the main contact for each team know and they will relay that information to their families. 

****Legends Ballpark understands that paying gate entry does get expensive for families at tournaments. We try to make sure we are in-line with complexes in Western Kansas. We are always looking for ways to lower the cost of tournaments/gate fees throughout the year.****


1. Concessions will be open throughout the tournament. The concessions takes cash and will have different food options available. 

2. There are 2 bathrooms available at Legends Ballpark with a changing station in each one. 

3. Each bathroom is cleaned multiple times a day by our cleaning staff. During the time of cleaning, that bathroom will be closed. The cleaning crew does their best to clean as quickly as possible so if there is a wait, please be patient. 

Warm-up areas: 

1. Please refer to the baseball/softball rule pages. Each will have thorough information on where to warm up at before your game starts. 

Playground area: 

1. Legends Ballpark does have a playground that is open throughout the day for kids to play on.

2. Please make sure you have someone watching your child play on the playground. We want to make sure there are no accidents or injuries for any child playing. If there are closed off areas, please make sure the kids respect it and not mess with that equipment. 

3. If there is an injury that requires medical assistance, please inform the tournament director and the TD will help out. 

Tournament Directors Office:

1. If you have a question or concern, please come and speak to the tournament director. The TD will be located in the room between Fields 1 and 2. The door will always be open during tournament hours.