Legends Ballpark Map

Legends Park Directions

Each Field is properly marked above. Field 1 & 2 are the closest to the parking lot and ticket booths while 3 & 4 are on the far side of the park. 

1. TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS OFFICE: The Tournament Director's office is located closest to Field 1. The tournament director's office will have any team check-in's, information about the tournament and will usually be where the UIC is located during the tournament. 

2. CONCESSION STAND: Concessions are located between Field 1 & 2. There will always be 1 to 2 windows open to take orders and give out food. The concession menu will be posted closer to when tournaments start so we have the most up to date food options. 

3. TICKET BOOTH: This is where the ticket booth is located. The ticket booth will open no later than 45 minutes before first pitch of the first games. 

4. DUGOUTS: Each field has two dugouts (8 total). Each dugout is equipped with roofing as well as a mister. To turn on the mister, there is a nozzle by the entrance to the field and you turn it to the on position. Each dugout also has a bench and ample amount of room for players. PLEASE ONLY HAVE COACHES AND PLAYERS IN THE DUGOUT DURING THE GAME. 

5. SCORE BOOTHS: Each field is equipped with a score booth during tournaments. Each score booth has the capability to connect to the scoreboard as well as keeping score. Each tournament will have 1 worker running the scoreboard and keeping score. 

 6. PARKING LOT: The parking lot is not labeled on the picture above but it is located close to field 2. There are ample amount of parking spots and we have RV capable parking spots as well if you want to park your RV overnight. 

7. RESTROOMS: There are 2 restrooms located under the blue roof in the middle of the complex. We have a men's and women's restroom that is cleaned daily and before and after a tournament ends. We have workers come clean the restrooms multiple times a day during the tournament and the restrooms will be closed up to 5 minutes while the worker cleans for safety reasons. 

8. PLAYGROUND: There is a playground located between Fields 3 & 4. This is open while the tournament is going on but Legends does have the right to close it, if needed. We ask the children to be respectful of the playground and the kids playing on it. We cannot prevent injuries but we ask the kids to be safe while playing on it and have at least one parent there watching their child.