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Get the Heck Into Dodge!
Community Facilities Advisory Board (CFAB)
The Community Facilities Advisory Board was created to develop, plan, coordinate, initiate, oversee and provide advice and recommendations concerning the location, acquisition, construction, completion and operations of the ‘Why Not Dodge’ projects. The Committee consists of six at-large members, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Dodge City / Ford County Development Corporation or his/her designee and ex-officio representation from the City and County Commissions.

Board Members
Term Expires
Length of Term
C. Michael Brakey (at large)
3 years
Michael Burns (at large) 1-2018
3 years
Paul Yaroslaski (at large) 1-2019
3 years
Christa Roy (at large)
3 years
Mike Martinez (at large) 7-2017  3 years
Ryan Rabe (at large)  7-2017  3 years
Mike Laskowsky (DC/FC Econ. Dev.)

Rick Sowers (City Commissioner)

Shawn Tasset (County Commissioner)

Cherise Tieben, City Staff Representative

J. D. Gilbert, County Staff Representative

Staff Adm. Rep. - Melissa McCoy