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Get the Heck Into Dodge!
Citizen Police Auxiliary Training
All Auxiliary members have graduated from one of the 10 week Citizen Police Academy classes, subjected to a background investigation and interview and be approved by both Auxiliary administration of Chief of Police, It is imperative that Auxiliary members not exhibit any personal agenda nor a "wannabe" attitude. Each Auxiliary Member signs and accepts the Guidelines of Conduct Policy and is subject to suspension or termination.

Areas of Training
Each member must complete a defined 90 day field training program, during which they will participate in evening and weekend classes taught by the Dodge City Police Department in the areas of:
  • Traffic Control
  • Traffic Accident Form Completion
  • Gang Identification
  • Preliminary Breathalyzer Testing Procedures
  • Crime Scene Control
  • Detention Procedures
  • Personal Search Techniques
  • Patrol Vehicle Orientation
  • Communications
  • Subpoena Service Procedures
  • Juvenile Interview and Form Completion
  • Vehicle Impound Procedures
  • Advanced First Aid and CPR
  • Pepper Spray Certification (Optional)

After Training
After completion of training, members are assigned to a patrol schedule and will average 14 hours per month of volunteer community service to the Department. They are issued equipment and assigned a call number through the Ford County Communication Center.