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Longhorn Park
Longhorn Parkimage001.jpg
Dodge City's history is rich in images of cowboys, Indians, stagecoaches, wagon trails, buffalo hunters, boot hill, horses and longhorn cattle. Over 100 years ago, Texas had wild longhorn cattle free for the taking by cowboys with enough grit to take 'em!

Short on money after the Civil War, cowboys rounded up, roped, branded and drove the wild Longhorn cattle north to the railroads of Kansas for shipment to Northeast markets.

Between the years of 1875 and 1885 over 2.5 million longhorns were trailed into Dodge City. Although the era only lasted 10 years, Dodge City became forever a part of the American spirit.

The Longhorn Park was dedicated to the millions of longhorn cattle driven to Dodge City on October 19, 1996. Located at the Dodge City Regional Airport, the park is the new home of the present day longhorn steers, Smoky, Gunsmoke, Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty and Bozeman.

Special thanks go out to the Goodnight Family of Dodge City and Wendy's for donating Longhorns to the Park, and to the City of Dodge City who maintain Longhorn Park.