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Get the Heck Into Dodge!


Posted on: March 10, 2017

Statement on Fire

First, I want to say “thank you” to all those that worked so hard to contain the fires that occurred in and around our community this past week.  The emergency workers, volunteers and all others - your dedication to our community, citizens and surrounding area is tremendously appreciated.

The City of Dodge City has asked the State Fire Marshall to investigate the origin of the fire.  The State has conducted their investigation and the City is awaiting their written report.  The City of Dodge City does not need a report assessing blame to make us feel awful  for our friends and neighbors that have lost homes, sheds or livestock as a result of the fire.  Please join us as we pray for all of the individuals. 

The City has already heard comments such as ‘a City employee said it was caused from the City burning’ and several other variations of this comment.  We have not made any official comments as we simply do not know the origins and feel it is inappropriate to speculate at this time.

And my final thoughts on this issue is that we really only know a few things for sure:

a. The City was not burning and had not burned at the limb collection site since February 13th – 20 days prior to the fire.

b. The City and the public were still dumping at the limb collection site on March 6th.

c. The Dodge City Fire Department applied water to the ash pile that some are speculating started the fire as recently as February 23rd.

d.  We asked the State Fire Marshall to investigate the incident and a report has not been issued as of this writing.

e.   We will forward the City’s insurance contact information to the individuals whom we are aware were impacted in order to expedite any claim.    

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