Crime Stoppers

Dodge City Crime Stoppers

We Don’t Want Your Name, Just Your Phone Information

  • Call, 227-STOP (7867) or toll free (877) 424-4414
  • To send an anonymous tip via text message to the Dodge City Police Department, text DCPD and your tip to 847411 (tip411).
  • To send anonymous tip via email, click here.

About Dodge City Crime Stoppers

The Crime Stoppers program is a community program; it involves the Community, the Police and the Media. If any one of these entities fail to give support, the program would not work. The Dodge City Crime Stoppers program began in January of 1984. At the time Crime Stoppers was a relatively new program available to Law Enforcement. Crime Stoppers was the brain child of Albuquerque, New Mexico police detective Greg MacAleese.

Dodge City Crime Stoppers has helped solve over five hundred cases, recovered over $344,000 in stolen property, and over $63,000 in narcotics. Crime Stoppers has paid over $32,000 in rewards. In addition, Crime Stoppers has a great working relationship with all members of our media in Dodge City.


MacAleese determined that there are two major obstacles that prohibit or prevent the general public from cooperating with Law Enforcement, apathy and fear. With that in mind MacAleese devised the present system to attack these obstacles. In order to attack apathy Crime Stoppers uses the reward system as an incentive for the public to come forward. Crime Stoppers also recognizes the fact that many of our callers may come from those that we consider to be walking the fence (fringe players) or those directly involved in crime. We know that those in the criminal element won't come forward out of civic pride but they just might if we dangle a few dollars in front of them, "there is no honor among thieves." In order to attack fear of involvement Crime Stoppers allows citizens to anonymously call a special phone line. Callers are given a code number so they don't have to use their names.

Today there are over 1,000 Crime Stoppers programs in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Bahamas, British West Indies, Micronesia, and other nations.